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Distilled Water Delivery in Vancouver

Reproducing a naturally occurring water distillation process.
Natural Rain is liquid water that forms into droplets. From sea water the continuous process of evaporation and condensation occurs. These processes are dependent on temperature. Heat makes the water evaporate and rise into clouds - which are super-cooled pockets of water droplets.

Likewise, Distillation is the process in which water is manually boiled, evaporated and the resulting vapor condenses. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and any impurities. Distilled water is pure H2O and is commonly used in a variety of health and commercial applications.

Distillation replicates Nature’s hydrologic cycle, Our planets primary method of delivering pure water.

Distilled Water – Simply pure H2O

Drinking water has been distilled from sea water since 200 AD. The Distillation of water process was used by colonial settlers in order to manufacture their own drinking water. Today distilled water is used where an exceptionally high purity water is required and no elements other that H2O are required. Water distillation results in a pure and absolute water chemistry of H2O. Distilled water is used for a variety of applications. It can be used as drinking water, or to dissolve substances that are electrolytes. Pharmacy & medical purpose, aquariums, automotive care and much more. In a nutshell, distilled water can be used wherever pure H2O is needed.

Water distillation offers absolute H2O everytime - no other water purification process can make this bold claim... Regardless of where you are in the world - The distillation process is not reliant on the quality level of the source water. The process of distillation will consistently produce high quality water, regardless of the contaminants present at the water source.

Where Distilled water is used

Health & Wellness

The most common issue with consuming tap water is that chlorine and/or fluoride are added as part of the water treatment process. Furthermore, many cities have old plumbing which include lead-based piping, which is a huge health risk. The Distillation process, removes all chemicals and ions from water and is 100% pure. True Distilled water has a neutral pH of 7 at 25 degrees centigrade. Distilled water is not alkaline or acidic. The number of hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions in pure water is balanced.

Automotive Industry

Distilled water is used to top off lead acid batteries used to power cars and trucks. Normal tap water has minerals and other ions which drastically reduces an automobile battery's lifespan. Distilled water is also used instead of tap water in automotive radiator/cooling systems. The minerals and ions typically found in tap water corrodes engine components.

Brewery and Winemaking

Distilled water is uses by brewery companies and wine crafters worldwide. By using distilled water, the wine tastes fresher, juicer, and refreshing at once because distilled water blends better. Distilled water often equates to soft water - which is used in the manufacturing of beers.

Pharmacy & Medical

Distilled water is used as a raw material, and key solvent ingredient for the processing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and API's (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). The distillation process removes all biological, radioactive, organic and inorganic contaminants. Distilled water is the purest form of H2O and contains virtually no solids, minerals or trace elements. Because steam distilled water is the standard by which all other types of water are measured - It is the scientific equivalent for the Exact H2O.

Making perfect Ice

Only distilled water can make crystal clear ice cubes that are harder than other water ice cubes. Distilled water does not contain any impurities that can affect the ice cubes’ transparency. Furthermore, distilled water freezes into ice much quicker because it does not consist of any other minerals or particles that lower its freezing point. Ice cubes made of distilled water is highly sought after because it does not change the taste of the beverage other than making it more watery.

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  • "Distillation involves the process of vaporizing water by boiling it. As the steam rises, it leaves behind all bacteria, viruses, chemicals, minerals, and pollutants from the water. The steam is then quickly cooled and then condenses to become distilled water. Distillation is the only method to guarantee 100% pure water."

    - James F. Balch, M.D. & Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.

Element H2O Water Distillation

The Element H2O distillation process involves using water purified through our 14 stage filtration system prior to having the water sent to our commercial grade Polar bear 200L distillery machine. Element H2O distributes distilled water in 5 gallon, 4 litre and 2 litre packaging. For any questions about our Distilled bottled water services, please contact us at (604) 301-9240


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Earth Friendly & Sustainable

Element H2O delivers "Greener" Bottled Water without wasting energy associated
with the buying, shipping, storing and recycling of one-time use bottled water products.

Furthermore, we provide quality products that promote the green earth initiative.
Our Alkaline Ice bags are made from OXO BIO plastic which are 100% degradable.